SilkRoad is more like SuckRoad in Winston Salem, NC

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I've been getting my hair done in boston usually but I was in NC and I always have natural products used on my blonde hair.The hair dresser insulted me when I came in talking about how I don't take care of my hair which was strange to me since it was so long and thick.

I believe her perception was off since I was a very light blonde. People automatically think you dyed it over night which was not the case. I told her I wanted a spacific cut I brought in multiple pictures from many angles and she couldn't seem to understand it. I knew she wouldn't be exact but I thought she could at least grasp the concept of it.

She pulled out 4 books plopped them on my lap so she could look through. I had lost all confidence at this point. i begged her for layers but she didn't seem to understand that either. I wonder if she has taken a class in years.

She was afraid to "waste" product so she cut my hair before coloring which has never happened to me before. Thats unprofessional and insulting to me as a client (Why? because its like your telling me I'm not worth wasting product on). Its not being mean its simple professionalism.

After telling me the products were natural i had to sit in agony while the blonde was setting. My scalp was burning. I'm a very light blonde I've been getting this done for a few years. I go to a place in boston who had natural products and I've never experienced any burning.

After washing it out my whole forehead was red from it. She was oblivious, focusing on telling me every detail of her family rather than focusing on what I'm paying her alot for. In the end the cut was so generic and far from what I had asked for that I kept having to direct her how to cut which I've never had to do. It looks nice inside and it seems fancy for this mediocre town but its nothing far from a great clips at best.

They don't know how to run a business and they certainly don't know how to treat clients.Don't usually write bad reviews but its just shocking how you pay quite a bit extra for these places to get sloppy service and shoty results.

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